13 Quintessential Quick Bakes

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bake that is quick? From start to finish in less than an hour, these recipes will simplify your baking without compromising on flavor. From savory scones to a crave-worth chocolate cake, these recipes are perfect for weeknight baking.

1. Classic Olive Oil Cake – A staple in most Mediterranean kitchens, this light, and barely sweet Classic Olive Oil Cake is perfect for an afternoon snack or late-morning tea. A final brush of olive oil just before serving brings the fruity flavor to the front of your palate as soon as you take a bite.

2. Black Pepper, Cheddar, and Pecan Scones – Sharp cheddar cheese pairs perfectly with the nuttiness of pecans in these Black Pepper, Cheddar, and Pecan Scones. So delicious, they don’t even need a glaze. And, for that perfect toasted, nutty crunch, pecans are the star of these savory scones.

scones on wire rack on blue surface

3. One-Bowl Chocolate Cake with Chocolate ButtercreamThis delicious One-Bowl Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream is the quintessential chocolate cake recipe. This is a fluffy chocolate cake with a fudgy, velvety chocolate buttercream on top that’s literally finger-licking good. Make this cake in one bowl, bake it, and whip up the buttercream all in under an hour. Love baking with chocolate? Find more chocolate bakes from Britney Brown-Chamberlain in our January/February 2023 issue.


4. Persimmon-Apple Crisp – Persimmons take the traditional apple crisp to a new level of tasty in this Persimmon-Apple Crisp. The Fuyu persimmons’ delicate, sweet flavor already has undertones of apple, along with honey, vanilla, and cinnamon, so it complements the tart apples here perfectly. The fruits bake into a tender medley of warm autumn flavor piled high with a walnut and oat topping, which lends the distinct crunch for which the dessert is named.

5. Sage, Asiago, and Pecan Savory Shortbread Coins – This cheesy, herbaceous take on classic shortbread will be the MVP of your next charcuterie board. Asiago cheese imparts a salty zing that’s elevated by the pine-like notes of sage, resulting in a savory coin reminiscent of the flavors of Provence. Pair with a dry white or robust red wine and a few slices of prosciutto, and you’re in business.

6. Lemon Snacking Cake with Lemon Glaze – This Lemon Snacking Cake with Lemon Glaze is the brightest and zippiest of lemon cakes and is a perfect last-minute addition as it can be assembled and baked in less than an hour. Cake flour makes for the lightest and most delicate of crumbs, and the sweet yet pucker-inducing glaze is the perfect finishing touch that zestily shatters with each delicious bite.

7. Bourbon Pecan Thumbprint Cookies – These nutty thumbprints are the classic Southern pairing of bourbon and pecans in cookie form. Like a pecan pie but perfect for sharing, these Bourbon Pecan Thumbprint Cookies are chock-full of pecans, smoky notes of bourbon, and a gooey caramel pecan filling. It’ll be nearly impossible to eat just one of these sticky, sweet cookies!

8. One-Layer Hummingbird Cake – Thought to have originated in Jamaica, each luscious bite of hummingbird cake boasts bold banana and pineapple flavors. A neutral oil helps keep the crumb soft and tender, and a perfuming of vanilla extract adds to its sweet success. Our Cream Cheese Frosting covers the exterior in tangy, buttery goodness, and a sprinkling of chopped toasted pecans adds the perfect crunch.

9. Caramelized Banana Bread – Think of this as a breakfast bread version of bananas Foster. Crowned with golden Caramelized Banana halves and offering a hint of cinnamon flavor, this loaf is all about taking the banana to the nth power of sweetness. 

10. Cakey Brownies – If you’re looking for a delicate crumb, bold cocoa flavor, and lofty height, our Cakey Brownies are the answer. Cocoa powder, not melted chocolate, gives these brownies their chocolate flavor, meaning they’re less dense and less fudgy, with a matte, slightly crunchy top. We added milk to help tenderize the batter without weighing down the crumb. While still warm, this brownie will have a closer crumb texture, but as it cools, the crumb becomes more cake-like, soft and spongy. Think of this as a brownie version of devil’s food cake—satiny and cocoa-rich but light as air.

11. Marble Sheet Cake – Swirls of rich chocolate batter and sweet almond batter combine to create this stunning sheet cake. Top with a dusting of powdered sugar for a simple yet elegant finish.

12. Bourbon Pecan BlondiesThe classic Southern pairing of bourbon and pecans stars in this blondie batch. The batter is as versatile as they come, so you can sub out the bourbon and pecan for any other type of liquor or nuts.

13. Cranberry Pomegranate Curd Tart – Velvety smooth cranberry curd finds the perfect complement in a crunchy Salty Peanut Crust. A halo of pomegranate arils adds another layer of tart, juicy flavor and a touch of glowing wintry charm.

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