How to Throw a Virtual Dinner Party

I miss my friends and family and I am betting you do too! With the trend of people getting together online, I wanted to make sure that my next virtual dinner was an easy, organized, and FUN time where I could truly enjoy the company of others!

Here are a few easy tips on how you can organize a perfect virtual dinner party!


How to Throw a Virtual Dinner Party

Virtual Party Logistics

A few things you will want to consider are how you will have a virtual party. Here are some options:





Google Hangouts

Facebook Messenger Video Chat

Once you figure out how you want to connect with others, be sure to let them know so that they can download the app if necessary and get familiar with the functions. 

Menu Ideas for Virtual Party

Virtual Party Themes

Creating a theme can not only simplify the process, but it can motivate people to create something amazing. Here are some ideas for themes:

Slider Recipes


Taco Recipes



Mothers Day

BBQ Party

The beauty of choosing a simple theme is that people can adhere to the availability of items in their area as well as personal dietary restrictions. You can even get more detailed if you want to! For instance, if you pick Pasta as a theme, you can say, “Make Your Favorite Spaghetti Dish” or “Here is a homemade pasta recipe and here are 5 different ways to create noodles, pick your favorite – first come first serve!” This could challenge a participant to try something new to them.

When you are choosing the theme and recipes, try to pick things that will cook in roughly the same amount of time. For instance, if you are all making pasta it should cook in the same amount of time, but the sauces could take more time depending on the complexity. Or if you chose hamburgers and someone else chose hamburger hotdish, the hotdish will take longer to cook so be sure to add a salad or another time filler. (Or grab extra wine and sip along as your friends cook!)

Virtual Party Menu

Once you have a theme you will want to make sure you have every ingredient needed for the dinner party. Here is an example of an individual Macaroni and Cheese inspired dinner party menu.

Virtual Dinner Party Menu

Once you find the recipes you want to make, print them off and then make a grocery list. After you get the ingredients you need, be sure to keep the recipes for reference on the Virtual Dinner Party Day as well as for the next step, prepping it all!

PRO TIP: Grab some fresh flowers at the store. They have a way of transforming any space and adding beauty. 

Virtual Dinner Party Prep

I have done enough live presentations online that I feel like I am fully qualified to show you how to have a virtual dinner that is smooth and flawless!

The day before:

Make sure you have all your ingredients and beverages. If you are feeling super ambitious, make the meal you have chosen as a practice round. (No need to do this if you are familiar with the dish.)

Ingredients Prepared for Virtual Dinner Party

The day of:

Clean up your space. Trust me on this, you will feel comfortable and not worried about visible messes which means you will be able to relax and have fun. 

Get out all of the dishes you will need to prepare your meal. A pot for boiling water, a casserole dish for baking, utensils, non-stick spray, wine bottle opener, the dishes you want to serve the meal on. Try to put everything in one location like a counter-top near your cooking surface. 

Custom Table Setting

If you are setting a table, do that now. This is, quite possibly, my favorite part of preparation. Grab a colorful plate and a fancy glass and maybe even some candles for a fun ambient lighting option.

An hour before:

Make sure any frozen ingredients are thawed. Hop into the bathroom and give your hair a comb and pop on some eyeliner. (Optional! You are perfectly perfect as you are. I just know when I see myself on a screen I am usually wishing I had at least combed my hair! ?)

Send out the invite to your friends and family and remind them when to hop online.

And remember…Have Fun!

Thanks to all of your preparation, your dinner party will be stress-free, entertaining, and delicious. 

Here is a handy dandy guide to help you with your next virtual dinner party!

How to Throw a Virtual Dinner Party

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