Baking with Nostalgic Flavors Part II

We’re continuing our nostalgia-inspired baking on IGTV this week, and you do not want to miss what Brian Hart Hoffman is serving up! Snickerdoodles are already a classic, but when you combine them with our editor-in-chief’s favorite childhood cereal, you get instantly iconic Apple-Cinnamon Cereal Snickerdoodles. With a boost of extra flavor from crunchy cereal in the dough and a drizzle of Cereal Milk Glaze on top. Then we’re demonstrating how to make our elegant-take on a popular breakfast pastry with our Strawberry Mascarpone Strudels. We’ll walk you through the steps for our fast and easy puff pastry dough, jammy strawberry filling, and creamy Mascarpone Glaze. Tune in to our Instagram (@thebakefeed) this week to follow along.

1. Apple Cinnamon Cereal Snickerdoodles

Apple Jacks has always been our editor-in-chief’s favorite cereal. He ate it for breakfast most mornings growing up, and as an adult he always enjoys it on the morning of his birthday. With crushed cereal in the dough and a Cereal Milk Glaze, these chewy cookies are an ode to that, but you can make these delicious cookies far more often than just on a birthday.

2. Strawberry Mascarpone Strudels

With our fast and easy version of homemade Puff Pastry, you can make your very own buttery, flaky strudels! These Strawberry Mascarpone Strudels are filled with homemade strawberry preserves and topped with Mascarpone Glaze and crushed freeze-dried strawberries for additional berry flavor. While decorating these strudels we looked to strudels’ nostalgic breakfast cousin, the Pop Tart.

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