Know Your Baking Apples

Here’s a look at each apple variety studding our glorious Around the World in Apple Cakes feature from our September/October 2020 issue!

HONEYCRISP: A nice balance of sweet and tart, the Honeycrisp apple was invented primarily for eating fresh but has proven to be a baker’s coveted ingredient. Though originally cultivated in the US, it also grows well in France, where it has found its way into their beloved apple cake.

GOLDEN DELICIOUS: With a divinely sweet taste and pale golden skin, the Golden Delicious apple is one of the most popular apples to bake with because it maintains its texture even when baked. It stays firm and brings a boost of sweetness to both our Apple Shortcake and Sharlotka (Russian Apple Cake).

GRANNY SMITH: Crisp, juicy, and delightfully tart, the Granny Smith apple can be instantly recognized by its electric green color, and it’s a favorite for bakers because it also keeps its firm shape when baked. First cultivated in Australia, it is also grown in New Zealand and often used in their apple shortcake.

PINK LADY: Sweet, tart, and firm, the Pink Lady apple gets its brilliant color from the strong sunlight in autumn. The majority grow in Australia, but they also do quite well in France and Chile, hence their starring role in our Kuchen de Migas and Apple Shortcake.

Take advantage of the autumn harvest and whip up some apple recipes:

Apple Oat Bread
Apple Butter Pull-Apart Loaf
Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie
Apple and Browned Butter Hand Pies
Apple Oatmeal Skillet Cake
Apple Slice Traybake

For more delicious apple recipes, make sure to grab a copy of our September/October issue!

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