What’s inside our latest issue?

The sky is inky and November is nigh, bringing with it cold air and much anticipation. In your world it might be the month of making ahead – freezing and preparing and cake-feeding – or it might be a month of parties and socialising, leaving less time in the kitchen than you’d like. Whichever category you fall into, our November issue – the first of our two Christmas issues – has everything you need for the season ahead. Expect brand new edible gifts, centrepieces for vegetarians, and desserts with the wow-factor. We’ve got recipes from Jeremy Lee, James Martin, Georgina Hayden, Ainsley Harriot, James Cochran and more inside our jam-packed November issue.

The November issue of delicious. magazine is available to buy online now, in stores from the 1st November and will be landing on subscribers’ doormats from 26th October.

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