You need to try these English and Welsh wines

British vineyards are offering so much. We urge you to support a growing success story and treat yourself to a great British bacchus or bubbly.

Welsh Wine Week (3-11 June) and English Wine Week (17-25 June) see many wineries throwing open their doors for special events and vineyard trails. Quality now runs high for our home-grown wines, with sparklers and still whites leading the charge. Crisp acidity and delicate fruit flavour, plus age-ability and complexity in the champagne-method fizzes make these a delight. The wines will never be cheap, as the cool climate means lower yields from the vines, and small wineries and vineyards have no economies of scale. Buy for a treat, though, to see why top English and Welsh wines are now winning awards on an international level. You’ll be supporting local businesses too… Visit and Read about an innovative community vineyard in Bedfordshire overleaf.

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