15 of our best peach recipes to celebrate summer

Summer is in full swing and sweet peaches are in the shops. Hurrah! While few things beat biting into a perfectly ripe peach, there’s so much more you can make during peach season.

The stone fruits make a delicious addition to a host of summery cakes, bakes, desserts and drinks. They also add a welcome sweetness to savoury dishes, too. Try our easy flatbreads topped with courgettes, peaches and burrata, or tomato and peach salad, for starters.

Peaches are also the star turn in showstopping desserts like our seriously extra peach bellini pavlova (check it out below), a sticky peach crumble cake and classic Georgia peach cobbler.

Whether you fancy a blow-out pud, a cooling peach ice cream, or a juicy salad, you’re bound to find something new to try in our 15 best peach recipes selection. Which one will you make first?

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