Here are 15 of our best ever courgette recipes

Courgette season is well and truly here. High summer means an abundance of courgettes in our veg patches and allotments, or piled high on supermarket shelves. Don’t be phased by a courgette glut – look at it as a delicious opportunity. This versatile veggie’s pleasant, mild flavour and silky texture makes it an easy addition to all sorts of dishes.

Courgettes are typically in season from June to October. If you’re harvesting them regularly during this time, you might end up with a glut on your hands. Never fear – there’s dozens of dishes to make with your zucchini haul.

Try classic courgette fritters, pasta dishes and crisp courgette fries. Work them into savoury bakes like our courgette galette and frittata. They’re also a successful addition to sweet cakes and bakes – that mildly grassy flavour pairs beautifully with lemon, white chocolate or cream cheese frosting.


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