Our 12 best chestnut recipes

Fresh chestnuts have a short season from October to December. We usually think of them as a Christmas food (roasting on an open fire etcetera). Yet these versatile tree nuts make a clever addition to all sorts of autumn and winter recipes.

Chestnuts are prized in Italy and France, where they’re added to savoury dishes. They’re also a popular ingredient in desserts like Mont Blanc, or coveted as candies. In the UK, we don’t make enough of them. Cooked chestnuts have a fudgy texture and gentle sweetness. You can buy them fresh at the greengrocers or farmer’s market and vacuum-packed or as purée from larger supermarkets.

So gather your chestnuts, decide whether you’re in the mood for something savoury or sweet, then take your pick from our best chestnut recipes.


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