Mr Beef, The Bear and where to eat in Chicago

Enjoying a renewed bout of attention thanks to Hulu’s hit chef drama The Bear (available on Disney Plus), Chicago has been on my own to-visit list since binge-watching ER in lockdown. I fell for those screeching steel “L” trains and charming diners – we won’t talk about our disappointment when, just before landing, we discovered most of the show was filmed in LA.

Disappointment ended there, though. The Bear has highlighted Chi-town’s thriving food scene, a scene that offers so much for those without lots of cash to spend, in the form of the famous (and filling) deep dish pizza and glorious hot dogs and chips for $5.

Those wishing to splash everything they’ve got have plenty to choose from too. From Michelin-starred Ever, where Richie (‘Cousin’) has his hospitality epiphany in The Bear, to Mr Beef, the straight-talking sandwich shop on which the show’s Original Beef of Chicagoland is modelled, the city offers more to eat than you can possibly ask for – and it will be no less exciting if you haven’t already seen the food on screen.

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