13 of our most fantastic fig recipes

When figs are in season, with their heady, fragrant aroma and unique, fleshy texture – they are so wonderful to cook with. Full of fibre and vitamins, figs make for a great addition to savoury and sweet dishes alike. They’re one of those seasonal treats of summer, like nature’s other sweeties – mangoes and peaches – that can be devoured in seconds, just as they are. But if you find yourself with a large quantity, it’s worth making the most out of them in one of our fig recipes.

There are many great ways to preserve figs, such as the jams and pickles that crop up in the recipes below, so stock up when figs are in the shops. In salads, cakes or puddings, you’ll be suprised how versatile the fruit is. If it’s dried fig ideas you’re looking for, we can help there too.

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